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Mochi and Toshi

The cutest memecoin on Base chain and Brian Armstrong's two favorite cats.

CA: 0x2228363213E6E16e8ccC556Aa270a05f1F1A4E02

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I've got 2 cats Mochi and Toshi.

-Brian Armstrong

CEO of Coinbase

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LP is Burned

No rug pull because the LP tokens are locked! Ensuring Investor Safety!

Fair Launch

50% of the $MOCHITOSHI tokens were sent to the liquidity pool and 50% sent to Brian Armstrong.

No Tax

ERC20 Standard Token and Using SHIBA INU codebase.🐶

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No Taxes, No Bullshit, It's that simple.

Total Supply: 1 Quadrillion

Added to SushiSwap Liquidity


Sent to Brian Armstrong Wallet


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This is a memecoin. There is no roadmap.

The fundamental value of this token is $0.

There is no $MOCHITOSHI team.

There is only a deployer and an immutable contract.